“[Alma Advisory Group brings] an inclusive approach, involving stakeholders at critical junctures to co-develop important work. They quickly built trust, working shoulder-to-shoulder alongside [our partners] to unpack key insights. The team’s facilitation savvy and content expertise helped us to reach consensus on actionable ways to improve the effectiveness of [our state’s] school leadership pipeline.”

Alex Harris
Senior Program Officer for Education,
Harold K.L. Castle Foundation

Alma Advisory Group is a champion for the organizational success of its clients. 

With help from our human capital consultants, your team can foster a culture of empathy and excellence — providing an important advantage over your competitors.

Our Approach

Trusted counsel

Building trusted relationships with our clients is at the heart of our work and central to the way we operate. We’ll trust you as experts on your work, team, and values. And you can trust us to tell the truth about how to get your goals met.

Contextual humility

We abandon any preconceived notions in order to better understand your reality. Once we have a clear sense of your organization's context and the problems your leaders need to solve, we can get to work applying our expertise in innovative ways to make connections and find unique solutions that help our clients reach their goals.

Smart strategies and change agency

The human side of change can be messy and is often inherently difficult. The best-designed and best-intentioned efforts may be rejected if the people who have to live with the change aren’t engaged in meaningful ways throughout the process. We understand. The voice and input of those doing the work are key to successfully changing a culture or practice. We can help you tap critical, internal insight into how to move forward.

Rigorous and transparent research

We rely on meticulous research and a transparent evidence-gathering practice. We’ll use quality data and evidence to inform the counsel we deliver and to support every recommendation we make to help your organization reach its goals.

Sustainable outcomes

It’s our responsibility to plan for the life of your project with us. But we make it our responsibility to help you plan for the long term, too. That means thinking through the internal capacity you’ll need to continue to lead, sustain, and develop the work beyond our initial engagement.

We foster short and long-term organizational success through the cultivation of people, practice, and culture.

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