Evanston Township High School (ETHS)


lma worked with the Board of ETHS as they carried out the selection of the district’s next Superintendent following the17 year tenure of the outgoing and beloved Superintendent. In support of this process Alma designed and facilitated a community engagement process to understand the perspectives of the Evanston Township community, and then worked with the Board to clarify the requirements for the next Superintendent. With Alma’s partnership, the Board made the bold decision to allow an internal successor to apply for the role, and to interview with community members directly as the sole finalist. 

A longtime educator and administrator in the district, Marcus Campbell was assessed against the competencies of the  role instead of being assessed against other candidates. This process was more fair to the internal candidate, as well as potential external candidates. Dr. Campbell was received well by the community upon his announcement, with the Board of 7 women leaders presenting him with a shirt that said “Team of 8,” which they all were wearing as well. The strong stance of support for the district’s first-ever Black male leader was inspiring to the community, the Board and to the  Alma team as well.


Superintendent Search


Evanston Township High School (ETHS)