Guilford County Public Schools


The Alma team supported Guilford County Public Schools (GCS) with their executive recruitment and hiring efforts for Cabinet level leadership positions, including Chief Operations Officer (completed May 2021), Chief Student Services Officer (completed June 2021), Chief Academic Officer, Assistant Superintendent of Special Education Services (completed August 2020), Chief Innovation Officer, and Chief Performance and Accountability Officer.

Similar to other searches, our team began this search by first clarifying the

competencies most important to support Guilford County Schools’ success and created a hiring process to identify a strong pool of talented and diverse candidates. The Alma team established job descriptions for each  role, vetted potential candidates for each position, and developed an aligned screening process to measure the competencies identified for each role. As our team completes these searches, we are also helping the HR team document its process for succession planning and attracting and hiring strong executive leadership moving forward.





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