Shelby County Schools


As the district prepared to conclude a seven-year grant from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Alma completed an assessment of the Teacher and Leader Effectiveness (TLE) program at Shelby County Schools.

Following the evaluation, our team hosted a two-and-a-half-day planning retreat for the Superintendent and his cabinet to determine the district’s top priorities for the upcoming

year in order to improve and sustain its efforts toward reaching the Destination 2025 strategic plan objectives.

During the retreat, cabinet members acknowledged the need to improve team execution, prioritizing, and follow-through, and they devised new monitoring procedures for their work throughout the year.


Principal Support & Supervision


Shelby County Schools

The Outcome

Our collaboration with the district has sprouted three significant efforts:

  • Assistance with team effectiveness for the cabinet.
  • Support for the Academics team in preparing for enhanced early learning and vocational and technical education supports.
  • Realignment of HR operations to act as a genuine strategic partner to schools.