Everyone on the [Alma Advisory Group] team is responsive, timely with deliverables, and just a phone call or email away when needed. They truly are practitioners of their work.

Tricia McManus
Assistant Superintendent of Educational Leadership and Professional Development
Hillsborough County Public Schools

Executive Search

Our team can support you through the recruitment, screening, and hiring of executive-level roles. Our executive search service involves clarifying the competencies most important to leading your organization and working together to seek out a strong pool of potential talent.

Leadership Pipeline

It’s not enough to have quality candidates for today’s positions. Every organization should strive for a strong bench of potential leaders ready to assume key roles in the future. At Alma, we help leadership teams better anticipate potential turnover among critical roles and cultivate aspiring leaders with the potential for promotion to those roles over time.

Principal Support & Supervision

A school’s success depends on having the right leader at the helm — and supporting that person as they focus on student achievement. Our work in principal support and supervision helps school systems identify the barriers to principal success and set up support, development, and supervision systems that help principals successfully lead schools.

Talent Management

The strongest teams are those where each member is in the right role, using their talents and interest to their fullest potential. We can help our clients solve pressing human capital questions by applying a range of possible solutions, including: cutting edge team design, recruitment, hiring, induction, feedback systems, compensation studies, strategic retention planning, and succession planning. Together, we can make sure that you have great staff in every role.

Executive Coaching & Training

Our expert training team can design and lead executive sessions that support collaborative planning, change management, cultural competence, and other topics related to team and leader success.

Teacher Support & Development

We work with school systems to understand what their teachers have to say about challenges to retaining quality educators and the best ways to support and develop teacher ranks. Our team can help systems to address key issues including workforce diversity, hiring decisions, teacher supervision, and identifying teacher-led improvements to instructional practice.


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We foster short and long-term organizational success through the cultivation of people, practice, and culture.

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