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How can leaders optimize end-of-year hiring while planning for the upcoming school year?

With the end of the school year upon us, leaders and hiring managers are navigating the process of actively working to fill vacancies while planning for the year to come. As a human capital consulting and executive search firm, we’ve worked with leaders nationwide in non-profit organizations, charters, and school districts.

We have noticed a few key actions that can set an organization up for success during this critical time of year. 

First, take a moment to look back on the last year
As an organization, do you forecast staffing needs? If so, did those forecasts align with your staffing needs this year? It is important to take stock of how your team worked to recruit, select, and onboard new members and how well you retained current staff. 

Consider any changes to your organization’s structure or work in the coming year
Despite best efforts, organizations sometimes fail to appropriately plan for the impact on human resource needs when planning for major organizational changes, including restructuring or expanding service/programming. Leaders across the organization should carefully review plans for the year ahead and discuss all resource needs, including potential changes to the workforce to support new initiatives or goals.

Recruiting and Hiring is Everyone’s Job Title
As they say, ‘if you stay ready…you don’t have to get ready’. This mantra has been particularly true in the last few years as the field of education has seen a tremendous increase in the number of leaders and staff moving and changing positions. Hiring managers must be nimble and creative in recruiting and retaining great talent. 

  • Organizations with the most success work with their teams to ensure everyone sees this as a shared responsibility. Tap into the networks of your teams as you are more likely to identify talent that fits your organizational values. So, keep all team members informed about opportunities and provide them with the tools to help bring in new talent prospects proactively. 

Lastly, could you identify your most effective strategies and then build on or further refine those to support you in the year ahead? Organizations continuously reviewing their staffing plans can more strategically navigate this ever-changing field. Let us know what has worked for your organization!