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How can someone position themselves as candidates for education leadership roles?

We are asked this question often by applicants and those just beginning the search for their next leadership role. Below we offer a few things you should consider when preparing for your next role.

Tip 1: A critical step often overlooked by many is….finding an effective mentor that can help guide you toward your destination. Finding someone with experience in your desired role is essential for success. Your mentor can help translate your skills to a new role and serve as the co-pilot in your professional journey.

Tip 2: Reflect and set your parameters for your next role…by considering your top priorities. What kind of work brings you the most joy? Are you flexible on region or geography? What is the organization size, culture and political climate are you open to leading? Establishing parameters can help you ensure your ultimate role is the right fit for you.

Tip 3: Identify your leadership style and….align it with what you need for the role. Do you seek to lead large scale change, or are you looking for a stable and already-successful environment? Seek roles that play to your natural strengths, rather than hoping to be a different kind of leader in your next role.

Tip 4: Leveraging your network will give you…the connections and information needed to make the best choices and stand out amongst your peers. If you are considering taking that next professional leap, visit our website to learn more about our active searches, and our executive coaching services. Our team is willing and ready to help you get to the next level.