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Onboarding Success

As a Talent Management and Development Consulting firm specializing in public school districts and systems, we know the importance and impact of an intentional new hire onboarding and teacher induction experience to begin the school year. A positive onboarding and induction experience can shape the rest of the year. Here are a few reminders and tips about designing a collaborative new hire onboarding and teacher induction experience.

Principal 1:1 Check-ins
Creating a regular cadence of check-ins serves a mutually beneficial purpose for leaders and new hires. First, it allows leaders to learn more about their new hires and how to support their success best. For the new engagement, this time allows them to know more about their leaders and the school community they will work to support.

Match new hires and teachers with a mentor dedicated to supporting them throughout the school year. Mentors are essential in helping to familiarize a new teacher with the school community and school district. Providing mentors is also a great way to ensure new hires feel continuously supported and encouraged throughout their transition.

Peer Collaboration & Professional Development
At times, being the newest member of a team can be an isolating experience, especially when you are one or one of a few new hires to a school. Connecting new hires in collaborative spaces where they can build professional relationships while strengthening their expertise can help reduce isolation and promote a greater sense of connection.

We hope you consider some of these tips as you onboard new hires and teachers. Would you like to design a comprehensive new hire onboarding and teacher induction program for your school district or community? We would love to support you! Don’t hesitate to contact our team to learn how we can partner with you.