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How can leaders differentiate their organization to attract top talent?

A job search is similar to a marketplace with lots of variety and options. Job seekers have choices when it comes to their next employer, so how does a leader convey those distinctive qualities that sets them apart from similar organizations and opportunities? By elevating your brand, leaders can attract candidates that align with their organization’s values, culture, and ways of working.

Your brand will showcase meaningful values that your organization is committed to and what one can expect if they choose your organization.

Here are a few ways leaders can leverage their brand to attract aligned talent.

Organization Background and ”Why”
‘About Us’ web pages are often seen as generic buzzword sites, but they do not have to be. This can be an opportunity for an organization to showcase its unique identity and objectives. These background pages give job seekers a glimpse of the mission and vision of an organization and the team members that are carrying out the work. This can be a great way to showcase the “why” and mission behind your organization and the impact you are striving to achieve. 

You can tell someone about your organization’s mission and values, but showing proof will resonate with job seekers on a deeper level. Who is better at telling your story than your team and beneficiaries of your work? Leaders can leverage their organization’s impact and culture by highlighting the experiences of team members and individuals that have benefited from the services your organization was able to provide. Capturing testimonials from team members can show job seekers why others have chosen to work at your organization and the workplace values that are keeping them there. Showcasing the impact of your work through reflections of clients and stakeholders helps drive home the mission of your organization and the impact it has made.

Brand Ambassadors
Word-of-mouth is a powerful recruitment strategy – what employees and stakeholders have to say about your organization impacts your reputation and the quality of talent you attract. There are many online opportunities to leave reviews and comments about experiences which can positively or negatively impact organizations.Organizations live out their brand through every employee and stakeholder experience. Leaders can position their organizations to attract the best talent by creating positive experiences so employees and stakeholders serve as ambassadors and spread the word about the benefits of working with you.  

We hope you consider some of these proactive strategies and would love to hear other ways you have leveraged your brand in attracting great talent to your organization.