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Stop and Relax

Welcome to the season of reflection.  As you enjoy the holidays with family and friends, now is an ideal time to relax, reflect and plan for your next career move. 

Yes, the holiday season is a challenging time.  But before you think about career moves or plans for the next year, remember to STOP!  Take a little time for yourself to just Be.  Just like a vacation, there is the rush and stress of planning, packing and getting to the destination.  Once you arrive, it always takes a while to decompress and just Be.  So allow yourself time and grace to decompress and relax!

Reflect and Review
Ok, now that you have relaxed and found your happy place, time to ask some reflective questions like:

  • Was I happy and fulfilled at work?  
  • Did I spend time on the areas and/or with people that bring me joy? 
  • Did I learn and grow?  
  • Did I use my skills, competencies and experience in a productive and fulfilling way?  
  • Did I learn new skills and competencies?

Remember to avoid the blame game (i.e my boss didn’t allow me to…) and rephrase the question of whether you had the opportunity or felt empowered.  And most importantly, take your time at this stage to reflect and sit with your thoughts and feelings. Be clear about what you want and just as equally what you don’t.

Re-evaluate and make that change
After you’ve assessed yourself, time to ask the big question: Do I want a change? Here it’s important to determine the why.  Is it to learn new skills?  Is it to take on new challenges?  Have your priorities changed?  The why leads you to the plan. 

Create a plan
Now it’s time to plan your next move. First, update your resume with current responsibilities, skills, and accomplishments.  Focus on your most recent experiences and make sure these align with the role you seek. Second, research and target opportunities based on the skills, challenges and the ideal work environment you seek.  Make sure this aligns with your why.  Next, connect with your network, recruiters, friends and family to let them know you are open to new opportunities.  And please let them know to be discreet.